Daily Feeding and Diapering Chart for Twins

Newborns eat, poop, and pee constantly. And with twins, it’s often difficult to remember who did what and when. During the first few days after you bring your babies home, it’s important to keep tabs on each baby’s nursing/bottle feeding and bowel habits to ensure each is getting enough milk and avoiding dehydration. Keep a notebook in the nursery and chart your twins’ habits—who took a bath that day, who didn’t sleep well at nap time and so on. Plus, it’s a great asset to those friends and relatives who come over to help out. Now there’s no need to wake you from your nap to ask, “Did the twins take a bath today?” They just need to check the notes to find out. And finally, keeping notes also eliminates the need to remember the answers to questions the pediatrician is sure to ask, such as “How much are the babies eating?”

Print the daily feeding and diapering chart by clicking here.

Daily Feeding and Diapering Chart w-line