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Did you miss something? Don’t you hate it when you do? No worries as I’ve got you covered. Below are the most popular posts on Talk About Twins for 2012. Although the number one spot belongs to the homepage, I’m excluding it from this list.

  1. Just How Many Yams Do You Have to Eat to Conceive Twins?

    This old post (from 2010!) continues to attract a lot of attention from (I’m presuming) moms who’d love to give birth to twins. I initially wrote it as a two-part series chastising some pseudo pregnancy websites who were advocating unsafe methods to women wanting to conceive twins but it has taken on a life of its own and not for what I intended it for.

  2. Twin Pregnancy

    This is technically a page and not a post that assembles all the twin pregnancy articles on Talk About Twins including an excerpt on the subject from my book, Double Duty (2e) plus lots of other helpful articles on breast-feeding twins, getting ready for twins, exercising during a twin pregnancy and so forth. So if you’re pregnant with twins, you should be sure to check it out.

  3. pregnant mom holding a plate of fresh fruit10 Things You Should Know About Your Twin Pregnancy

    A fun round-up of all the things a mom-to-be should know about giving birth to twins.

  4. You Have to Eat a Lot of Yams to Conceive Twins

    This is part one of the two-part series that I referred to above. Clearly there are many women out there who would love to have twins.

  5. Daily Feeding and Diapering Chart for Twins

    A handy, printable chart (and it’s free) to help new parents keep track of when their newborn twins poop, pee and eat.

  6. Toddler Twins

    Another page and not a post compiling all articles on raising toddler twins from birthday party basics to a great article on what it’s like raising two sets of twins.

  7. Thriving in a Twin Pregnancy: Twin Pregnancy Diet

    This is an excerpt from my book, Double Duty (2e) explaining the importance of protein to a mom expecting twins. It’s an empowering article as it’s the one thing expectant moms have complete control over. Guidelines—daily protein and caloric requirements, suggested weight gain—are included.

  8. twin girls fighting over toyCalming a Twin Rivalry: When Twins Don’t Get Along

    Many parents of twins get confused (and even sad) when their twins fight. But all twins fight. This article—published several years ago in Twins magazine and reprinted here—explains the causes (usually too much togetherness or constant comparisons) for the quarreling and offers solutions to broker a peaceful end.

  9. 7 Must-Haves for Your Twin Pregnancy

    A useful but tongue-and-cheek list (number one is patience) for expectant moms-to-be.

  10. Double Decorating: Tips on Designing a Twin Nursery

    A great article with tips from industry experts on planning and designing your twin nursery.

Well, there you have it. You are now officially up-to-date!

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