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My Twin Pregnancy Week By Week

My Twin Pregnancy Week By Week: The Ultimate Planner for Moms Expecting Twins

This pitch-perfect pregnancy planner was created specifically for you—the mom carrying not one but two. It helps you keep track of:

  • Your weekly weight gain (important for big, plump babies delivered full-term).
  • Your prenatal test results (and whether a follow-up test is needed).
  • Questions for your health-care provider (and yes, you’ll have plenty).
  • A master to-do list with everything you’ll need to accomplish before the babies arrive.
  • Your baby budget and design plans for decorating your twin nursery.
  • Possible baby name combinations.
  • Your twin layette.
  • Your thoughts and feelings about your ever-changing body and emotions.


Double Duty: The Parents’ Guide to Raising Twins, from Pregnancy through the School Years (2nd Edition) is the go-to guide for moms expecting twins. Get valuable tips on:

a copy of the book Double Duty

  • How to thrive during a twin pregnancy through proper diet and prenatal care.
  • How to prepare your nursery and family for the arrival of twins.
  • How to survive (and dare we say, enjoy) that first chaotic month.
  • What to expect the first six months with your babies with tips on putting babies on the same schedule, getting out of the house with two babies solo as well as heading out for the first time without your darling duo.
  • What to expect during months seven through twelve with tips on treating your twins as individuals and how to introduce solid foods.
  • Tackling the toddler years with insight into the twin bond, your twins’ developing speech, and double disciplining!
  • The school years and how to decide on classroom placement—together or apart?



Made it through your twins’ first year unscathed, did you? Whew! Now start preparing for what’s ahead with Parenting School-Age Twins and Multiples. Get the inside scoop on:

a copy of Parenting School-Age Twins and Multiples

  • The five twin subgroups, their intratwin relationships and the special bond they share.
  • Your twins developing identity and quest for autonomy with tips on ways to encourage their budding independence.
  • How to double discipline especially during the tumultuous toddler years.
  • Educating your twins with tips on classroom placement, how proper speech development affects their learning and what to do when they differ in abilities.
  • Combating competition and promoting cooperation by ending the constant comparisons.
  • How to avoid favoritism and stop the fairness trap.
  • Understanding the challenges and the perks of being a teenage twin.
  • How to foster healthy family relationships especially among twins and single-born siblings.


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  1. Jennifer

    Can you please make a smartphone app for the Pregnancy Planner?? It’s is needed. There is no app on the market specifically for twin pregnancies.

    1. Christina Baglivi Tinglof Post author

      I agree! I had looked into it several years back but the cost was prohibited. Perhaps it’s time to reexamine the idea! Thanks for commenting.


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