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When It Sucks to Be a Female Twin

Have you heard the news? Monaco’s Princess Charlene and husband Prince Albert II, welcomed newborn twins, Gabriella Therese Marie and Jacques Honore Rainier, into the world this past Wednesday. Now normally I don’t pay much attention to “royal news,” but this one caught my eye for it’s odd circumstances. Namely that Gabriella, who was born […]

What’s It Like Being Twins? The Yin and Yang of Twinship, Part 1

All their lives, my twins have heard me discuss the psychology and research surrounding the mystery of twinning. While writing my books and articles, I’ve talked with countless parents of multiples as well as experts in the field but I’ve never really sat down with my own boys to ask their opinions about growing up […]

Is It Time to Separate Your Twins in School? 10 Signs

By far, the number one concern of parents with school-age twins and higher-order multiples centers on classroom placement. Namely, should you separate your twins in school or have them share the same classroom? Thankfully in recent years more and more school districts are allowing parents to make this very personal decision for their kids. Whew! […]

Favorite Twin? Understandable But Keep It Under Wraps, Please

The Internet is once again all atwitter this week since a blogger dad wrote that he favors one of his children saying, “If I were to be absolutely honest, my older son is my favorite of the two.” If you read the entire post, he really just mentions his favoritism in passing. Why, I don’t […]

When One Twin Spends a Night Away Is It Harder for Mom or Cotwin?

About a year ago, I wrote a blog post that discussed a twin dilemma. Namely, why do singleton children often spend a night away from their families from a much earlier age than twins? It was definitely the case with my own fraternal twin boys, who by age 15 had never spent a night apart while their […]

My Twins Spoiled? Who Has the Time

Recently, The New Yorker magazine published a piece called, Spoiled Rotten: Why Do Kids Rule the Roost? The title pretty much sums up the article—writer Elizabeth Kolbert examines why so many American parents do just about everything for their children from household chores to tying their shoes. The result? By indulging our children and expecting so little of them when they’re young, she speculates, we’re creating a nation of future incompetent […]

My Twins are Odd…and Even

A few days ago, when my teenage fraternal twin sons and I were headed out the door for the day, Twin A went for the front seat of the car while Twin B took his spot in the backseat. There was no confrontation or arguing; no jockeying for position. How did this happen (and with teenagers no less)? Simple. […]

Moms of Twins Can Practice Attachment Parenting But Should They?

I finally got a moment this week to read Time magazine’s exposé on attachment parenting guru, Dr. William Sears. Yes, I know. That was last week’s news (or even last month’s by the time I get this post published) but there’s still lots to be said. Not about the controversial photo on the cover, mind you, but on the whole concept of attachment […]

Why Do Twins Fight?

As parents of multiples, we’ve all been programmed to believe that our twins, triplets and quads should be best buddies and soul mates. And many are. So it can be very disturbing to watch our multiples go at it with each other. But fight they do and often. But why? The short answer? They’re siblings. All siblings fight. Period. For twins, […]

An Olympic Themed Birthday–Perfect for a Party of Two

It’s tough coming up with clever ideas for your kids’ birthday parties year after year. And when you’re the parent of twins, there’s the added stress of making it special for each child. After all, you want to celebrate their unique differences but you don’t want the added bother of organizing and hosting two separate parties. But finding one party theme that can showcase both […]