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Will Too Much Independence Hurt the Twin Bond?

Question of the Week: I’m a working mom of five-year-old fraternal twin girls. They’re currently in preschool three days a week. On the days they don’t attend I send them to separate baby-sitters. I’ve done this for almost a year as I’ve always felt they should be independent of each other. They’re both completely different […]

Would You Ask One Twin To Spy On the Other?

The other day while driving in the car with one of my twins, I had something on my mind that I wanted to talk to him about but deliberately kept my big mouth shut. Not an easy task for me. I literally had to bite my lip! It wasn’t his driving that I wanted to discuss, […]

Twins Always Have a Play Mate: A Double-Edge Sword?

When you’re the parent to young twins or triplets, you rarely if ever hear the words, “I’m bored. Can you play with me?” Having built-in play mates is a definite perk when you’re a busy parent of multiples. Young twins and triplets can entertain each other for hours giving you a moment to catch your breath, or at […]