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How Do I Take My Twins to the Park Without Losing Them?

Question of the Week: I’m a stay-at-home mom with 18-month-old fraternal twin boys. They are very active! I would love to take them to the park by myself so they can run around but I’m so afraid that they will run off in opposite directions and that I’ll lose them! I know that sounds a bit […]

Do Twins Learn to Share in the Womb?

This morning, as I listened to my teenage twin sons bicker loudly over who gets to plug his iTouch into the recharging dock first, I was reminded of an assumption we all have about twins—namely, they naturally know how to share. In fact, a few psychologists believe that twins have an inherent predisposition to sharing […]

Tips For Taming Toddler Twins

OK, maybe taming is a bit harsh but for me, the toddler years were challenging. Sure, most toddler twins are finally sleeping through the night—a big plus from the days when they woke up at least a half dozen times a night. And yes, they are darn cute at that age, too, with their chubby […]

Why Do Twins Fight?

As parents of multiples, we’ve all been programmed to believe that our twins, triplets and quads should be best buddies and soul mates. And many are. So it can be very disturbing to watch our multiples go at it with each other. But fight they do and often. But why? The short answer? They’re siblings. All siblings fight. Period. For twins, […]