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How Do I Take My Twins to the Park Without Losing Them?

Question of the Week: I’m a stay-at-home mom with 18-month-old fraternal twin boys. They are very active! I would love to take them to the park by myself so they can run around but I’m so afraid that they will run off in opposite directions and that I’ll lose them! I know that sounds a bit […]

Stay-at-Home Moms: Have You Thought of Your Exit Strategy?

There’s been a bit of hoopla in recent weeks over Lisa Endlich Heffernan’s admission that she regrets staying at home with her kids. Although I can’t personally relate to the entire nine-point manifesto (for instance, I never felt as though my marriage had a “faint 1950s whiff” as a result of my being at home, […]

Stay-at-Home Moms of Twins Need Support…or a Job

When I recently read a new report that found working moms, in particular those working part-time, are healthier and have fewer symptoms of depression than those who stay home with their kids full-time, it didn’t surprise me. Although I’m a big supporter of one parent staying home while the kids are little, I also know firsthand that it can sometimes be […]