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Will My Single-Born Son Be Close to His Twin Brothers?

Question: I just found that I am pregnant with a boy—our third. Our fraternal twin boys will be two and a half when the baby is born. I am experiencing some unwanted and unexpected gender shock/disappointment but that is a whole other issue. I bring this up because I’m curious as to how this is […]

Will My Daughter Adjust to Our New Twins?

Question of the Week: I have an eight-year-old daughter who loves to be the center of attention. She is the youngest of four children, and the only girl, and I will admit that everyone in the house spoils her. She is daddy’s little girl and the baby of the family. But now, I’m expecting twin […]

Why Do Strangers Want to Parent My Twins?

I was at a party a few months back where I was chatting with a woman I know peripherally—we have a few friends in common and know a bit about each other’s lives but nothing more than that. She knew I had a set of twins who go to the same university, and a singleton who […]

What I Really Want to Ask My Single-Born Son

“What’s it like to be the brother to a set of twins?” As much as I’d love to ask this question to my single-born son, I won’t. Although I want to understand my son’s experience as the younger, sibling to twins, I can’t ask. To me, it would sound a bit like the old joke: “Well, that’s enough of my talking […]

Have a Question About Twins? Ask a Parent of Multiples

It’s true. If you want to know the real truth about raising multiples, then ask a parent with twins, triplets or quads. I have always known this but recently while trying to figure out what to write for this blog post, I had an “ah-ha” moment: “Why not let the parents speak?” Since starting this blog […]

What’s It Like Having a Singleton After Twins?

As the mother of three boys (18-year-old fraternal twins and a 16-year-old singleton), I’m often approached by new moms of twins who inevitably ask the same questions. “Are they close?” or “When does it get easier?” Pretty standard stuff. But when these moms spot my youngest son—the singleton—they lean in close, eyes widening and ask, “What’s […]

Younger Sibling to Twins: What Happens After the Twins Leave?

It’s been a few weeks since my twins left for college and after that rough first week of missing them, the three of us—my youngest son, my husband, and myself—are slowly getting used to a “new normal.” Without my twins underfoot, the house is much quieter which is hard to take at times but it’s […]

The Difference Between Twins and Singletons: There’s Strength in Numbers

With the end of the school year just two weeks away, my kids have been attending a lot of celebratory school banquets and parties lately. For instance, just the other day I drove my singleton son to a student council dinner taking place at a downtown restaurant. Neither my son nor I had ever been […]

Do You Ever Wish You Were a Twin?

The other day, I took my single-born son to the doctor. She was a new doctor, someone we had never seen before. While we sat with her in the examining room, she asked my son a series of questions first about his health and then about his home life. You know, the usual stuff like […]

“I’m All Alone, Again.” The Plight of the Singleton Sibling to Twins

“I’m all alone, again.” Those were the words my singleton son said the other day after we had just dropped off his older, twin brothers for a week at camp. While not completely surprised by his statement, I did press my youngest on what exactly he meant. “They have each other and I’ve always been more independent,” he answered. […]