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Will My Daughter Adjust to Our New Twins?

Question of the Week: I have an eight-year-old daughter who loves to be the center of attention. She is the youngest of four children, and the only girl, and I will admit that everyone in the house spoils her. She is daddy’s little girl and the baby of the family. But now, I’m expecting twin […]

Fraternal Twin Boys: Five Things Parents Need to Know

For years, researchers have studied the six twin subgroups—identical twin boys (MZm), identical twin girls (MZf), fraternal twin girls (DZSSf), fraternal twin boys (DZSSm), and of course, opposite-sex twins, DZOSm and DZOSf—and have come up with a list of general characteristics for each. The following list of five things you should know about your fraternal twin boys […]

Confession: Sometimes I Compare My Twins

It was quarter finals last week and my boys were busy studying hard. Well, at least one of my twins was studying hard. The other? Not so much. So when the not-so-much twin appeared in the family room around nine o’clock the other evening checking Tivo for his favorite TV show, I had to ask. “Did you study for your Spanish test?” He […]