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My Twin Pregnancy Week by Week: The Ultimate Planner for Moms Expecting Twins

When I was pregnant with twins w-a-a-a-a-y back when, few books on the subject existed. But from the handful of books that were available I quickly learned that my twin pregnancy was very different from a singleton pregnancy, and that I needed to take extra special care of myself. For instance, I had to make sure […]

Stress-Free Christmas For the Family With Twins

It seems like just yesterday that the summer ended and the school year began, but here we are again quickly approaching another holiday season. And although it’s a great time of year to be a parent as you watch the magic and excitement through your twins’ eyes, it’s also a crazy time as you hustle […]

My Twins are Odd…and Even

A few days ago, when my teenage fraternal twin sons and I were headed out the door for the day, Twin A went for the front seat of the car while Twin B took his spot in the backseat. There was no confrontation or arguing; no jockeying for position. How did this happen (and with teenagers no less)? Simple. […]

7 Must-Haves for Your Twin Pregnancy

In the weeks leading up to your twins’ birth, your mind is in overdrive. From getting your twin nursery ship-shape to taking a tour of the hospital where you’ll be delivering, there’s lots to do. And while these 7 Must-Haves may not be on your to-do list, they sure will help smooth the way for a calmer first month once you’re home with your twins. 1. Patience. Make no […]

Cut the Chaos: 6 Tips for Getting Your Twins on the Same Schedule

Like most new moms of twins, I don’t remember much of that first month home with my newborn boys. All that changed, however, when I got my twins on a regular schedule. For me, I needed them to nap twice a day at the same time so I could catch my breath, and I couldn’t relax or “turn […]

Helpful Tips to Color Coding Your Twins

Color coding my twins was one of the smartest systems I implemented when my duo were born. (It’s right up there with putting them on the same schedule.) When you assign an arbitrary color to each twin, and use that color for everything from bottles and sippy cups to binkies, blankies and tooth brushes, it takes the guesswork and a bit of […]

Got Twins? 9 Tips for Reducing Family Stress

The addition of a new baby to any family can turn things upside down temporarily. So you can imagine what the arrival of twins, triplets, or (gasp!) even quads can do to family life. Yes, living in a 21st Century Twindom is busy and chaotic but it doesn’t always have to be. Follow these simple tips for a more blissful […]