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Teenage Fraternal Twin Girls Discuss the Twin Bond

Last week, I interviewed Kayla and Rebecca, a set of 19-year-old fraternal twins. Their responses to my questions about their early school years were both insightful and inspirational. This week, the questions continue only this time we focus on the evolution of these young women’s relationship and how it has changed over the course of […]

Does Being a Twin Lower Your Chance of Divorce?

A recent report by Ohio State University researchers found that people who have more than two siblings are less likely you’ll get a divorce than those who come from one-sibling or no-sibling households. The report studied more than 57,000 Americans from 1972 to 2012 and found that for every brother or sister you have, your […]

The Difference Between Twins and Singletons: There’s Strength in Numbers

With the end of the school year just two weeks away, my kids have been attending a lot of celebratory school banquets and parties lately. For instance, just the other day I drove my singleton son to a student council dinner taking place at a downtown restaurant. Neither my son nor I had ever been […]

Do Twins Learn to Share in the Womb?

This morning, as I listened to my teenage twin sons bicker loudly over who gets to plug his iTouch into the recharging dock first, I was reminded of an assumption we all have about twins—namely, they naturally know how to share. In fact, a few psychologists believe that twins have an inherent predisposition to sharing […]

When Your Twins Have Opposite Personalities

From the moment they were born, my fraternal twin sons have had very different temperaments. “Twin A” came out kicking and screaming. Literally. Minutes after he made his very loud entrance, the doctors whisked him off to the nursery to check his breathing and run some tests. He was fine but now at age 17, […]

Five Reasons Why Your Twins Dislike Each Other

For the most part, my teenage twin sons get along very well. But like all siblings, they have their moments. Big, loud, smack-down moments. It’s never easy to hear them speak rudely to one another, or worse, physically push or punch, but I only intervene when I see there’s an intent to kill. Just kidding […]

The Evolution of My Twins’ Birthdays

When I was about ten years old, I was good friends with a girl in my class who was an identical twin. One summer, she invited me to her birthday party. I showed up with just one gift. I don’t remember many details of the day but I do have a vivid memory of swimming […]

What’s It Like Being a Teenage Twin? Part 2

Over the Christmas break I sat down separately with my sixteen-year-old fraternal twin sons to ask them about their experiences growing up with each other. (You can read the first half of our conversation here.) While the beginning or our talk focused on their relationship and bond, this second installment focuses more on how others perceive […]

What’s It Like Being Twins? The Yin and Yang of Twinship, Part 1

All their lives, my twins have heard me discuss the psychology and research surrounding the mystery of twinning. While writing my books and articles, I’ve talked with countless parents of multiples as well as experts in the field but I’ve never really sat down with my own boys to ask their opinions about growing up […]

Boy-Girl Twins: 5 Things Parents Need to Know

Out of all the twin types, boy-girl or opposite-sex twins have always been the most fascinating to me. After all, they get all the benefits of the twin bond without all the pressure. They have a play mate and confidant but by nature of their opposite sex, travel in different social circles and usually have […]