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7 Things I Learned as a Stay-at-Home Mom of Twins

Two weeks ago, I returned to a full-time job outside the home for the first time since my twins were four months old. With my fraternal twin sons busy partying studying at college and my singleton occupied with high school, the timing of my position as an elementary school librarian couldn’t be better! A steady paycheck to help offset the […]

Do Twins Learn to Share in the Womb?

This morning, as I listened to my teenage twin sons bicker loudly over who gets to plug his iTouch into the recharging dock first, I was reminded of an assumption we all have about twins—namely, they naturally know how to share. In fact, a few psychologists believe that twins have an inherent predisposition to sharing […]

Is It Time to Separate Your Twins in School? 10 Signs

By far, the number one concern of parents with school-age twins and higher-order multiples centers on classroom placement. Namely, should you separate your twins in school or have them share the same classroom? Thankfully in recent years more and more school districts are allowing parents to make this very personal decision for their kids. Whew! […]

Stress-Free Christmas For the Family With Twins

It seems like just yesterday that the summer ended and the school year began, but here we are again quickly approaching another holiday season. And although it’s a great time of year to be a parent as you watch the magic and excitement through your twins’ eyes, it’s also a crazy time as you hustle […]

Twins and the Lone Invitation: Five Reasons to Back Off

Ah, the dreaded lone birthday party invitation. If you have twins, it’s coming. Maybe not now, maybe not next week but at some point in your twins’ early school years, one will get an invitation to a party, sleepover, or play date that the other does not. Now what do you do? Do you take […]

Favorite Twin? Understandable But Keep It Under Wraps, Please

The Internet is once again all atwitter this week since a blogger dad wrote that he favors one of his children saying, “If I were to be absolutely honest, my older son is my favorite of the two.” If you read the entire post, he really just mentions his favoritism in passing. Why, I don’t […]

Would You Ask One Twin To Spy On the Other?

The other day while driving in the car with one of my twins, I had something on my mind that I wanted to talk to him about but deliberately kept my big mouth shut. Not an easy task for me. I literally had to bite my lip! It wasn’t his driving that I wanted to discuss, […]

Tips For Taming Toddler Twins

OK, maybe taming is a bit harsh but for me, the toddler years were challenging. Sure, most toddler twins are finally sleeping through the night—a big plus from the days when they woke up at least a half dozen times a night. And yes, they are darn cute at that age, too, with their chubby […]

When One Twin Spends a Night Away Is It Harder for Mom or Cotwin?

About a year ago, I wrote a blog post that discussed a twin dilemma. Namely, why do singleton children often spend a night away from their families from a much earlier age than twins? It was definitely the case with my own fraternal twin boys, who by age 15 had never spent a night apart while their […]

“I’m All Alone, Again.” The Plight of the Singleton Sibling to Twins

“I’m all alone, again.” Those were the words my singleton son said the other day after we had just dropped off his older, twin brothers for a week at camp. While not completely surprised by his statement, I did press my youngest on what exactly he meant. “They have each other and I’ve always been more independent,” he answered. […]