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When an Identical Twin Doesn’t Want to Share a Classroom

Question of the Week: First, let me say how much I respect your books and your opinion. I am a fraternal twin and a mum of identical twin girls and your book, Parenting School-Age Twins and Multiples, is one of the few twin books which I think really captures the essence and dilemmas of being a twin […]

Should I Separate My Twins in Daycare?

Question of the Week: Q: I have been reading your blog for a bit and I have a question. Should I separate my twins daughters in daycare? I have 17-month twin daughters that go four days a week to daycare and share the same classroom. One of the caretakers tells me one twin (Amy) watches over her […]

How Can I Keep My Identical Twins Together in a New School?

Question of the Week: My identical twin girls are in the same kindergarten class at a small school and are doing very well together. But my husband has been transferred to a different city and the girls will be going to a much larger school next year. I want them to stay together in the […]

Boy-Girl Twins: 5 Things Parents Need to Know

Out of all the twin types, boy-girl or opposite-sex twins have always been the most fascinating to me. After all, they get all the benefits of the twin bond without all the pressure. They have a play mate and confidant but by nature of their opposite sex, travel in different social circles and usually have […]

Is It Time to Separate Your Twins in School? 10 Signs

By far, the number one concern of parents with school-age twins and higher-order multiples centers on classroom placement. Namely, should you separate your twins in school or have them share the same classroom? Thankfully in recent years more and more school districts are allowing parents to make this very personal decision for their kids. Whew! […]

Should I Separate My Twin Girls in Kindergarten?

Question of the Week: I’m about to register my identical twin girls for kindergarten. They are very close and I’ve been told that to foster their independence I should separate them. One seems to lean on the other a lot so I can see how separate classrooms might be better in terms of preventing codependency. […]

Twins and School: When One Wants to Separate

Question of the Week: My identical twin girls are in second grade. The school tried to put them in separate classes last year without consulting us. This upset my girls very much so I pushed and had them put back into the same class. It’s midway through the year now and the school is suggesting […]

Is It OK to Invite Only One Twin?

One of the more entertaining aspects to writing this blog is sifting through all the interesting search terms people use in order to find it. Most are obvious and self-explanatory such as “twin pregnancy blog” or “can identical twins look different?” Some are puzzling like “which twin to introduce first?” But my all-time favorite has to be “what is the teeny twin used for?” (Don’t ask me […]

10 Things Teachers Need to Know About the Twins in Their Classrooms

This fall, my twins will take honors biology. Together. They’ll also take honors geometry. Together.  If we had our preference, they’d be in separate classes but since their school is small, it only offers one honors class per subject so we’re stuck. But they won’t be the only multiples in those classes—another pair of twins will be […]

Should Twins Share the Same Classroom? I’m Not So Sure…

So I’ve been thinking lately about how I’m scheduled to speak on the hot-button topic of twins and classroom separation at the Southern California Mothers of Twins Clubs fall workshop. And although I truly do believe that parents should have the final say when it comes to the educational fate of their twins, I also believe that in 99 cases out of 100, parents should choose […]