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Why Do Strangers Want to Parent My Twins?

I was at a party a few months back where I was chatting with a woman I know peripherally—we have a few friends in common and know a bit about each other’s lives but nothing more than that. She knew I had a set of twins who go to the same university, and a singleton who […]

“Do They Want to Go to the Same College?” is the New “Are They Twins?”

It’s an exciting time here in the Tinglof household, albeit a stressful one. My twins have finally turned in all their college applications. Now, the waiting begins. This is the easy part—trust me—as navigating a multitude of college applications, brainstorming, writing, and editing dozens of essays, making those midnight deadlines (yes, my boys were notorious for […]

What’s It Like Being a Teenage Twin? Part 2

Over the Christmas break I sat down separately with my sixteen-year-old fraternal twin sons to ask them about their experiences growing up with each other. (You can read the first half of our conversation here.) While the beginning or our talk focused on their relationship and bond, this second installment focuses more on how others perceive […]

What’s It Like Being Twins? The Yin and Yang of Twinship, Part 1

All their lives, my twins have heard me discuss the psychology and research surrounding the mystery of twinning. While writing my books and articles, I’ve talked with countless parents of multiples as well as experts in the field but I’ve never really sat down with my own boys to ask their opinions about growing up […]

Do You Ever Wish You Were a Twin?

The other day, I took my single-born son to the doctor. She was a new doctor, someone we had never seen before. While we sat with her in the examining room, she asked my son a series of questions first about his health and then about his home life. You know, the usual stuff like […]

10 Reasons Why Having Twins May Not Be For You

Think you want to get pregnant with twins? I’m guessing that millions of moms-to-be definitely do. Sure, twins are cute (like when they sleep) but did you know that a twin pregnancy is considered “high risk” regardless of a mom’s age due to a greater possibility of dangerous complications like preeclampsia or preterm labor? Furthermore, twins […]

Are They Twins? (Does That Question Bug You?)

Call me crazy but when my twins were babies and I took them out for a stroll in the neighborhood or on a trip to the supermarket, I actually enjoyed when strangers would stop and ask me, “Are they twins?” I was proud to show off my babies and not just because they were twins. As a new mom, motherhood was […]