My College-Age Twin: “Can You Overdraft Yourself?”

I can hardly believe that my twins’ first semester in college is nearly over. As you may remember a few months back, I was having a difficult time adjusting to my new life sans my sons (my babies!), but just like the first 18+ years of their lives, these past few months have flown by, too. And so here we are just about a week before Christmas, and my boys are (hopefully) studying diligently for their finals and packing up their dirty laundry to haul home this Friday for the winter holiday!

With the exception of the Thanksgiving break, my boys never come home for a visit nor are they very good at calling, but they will iMessage me. Although there’s nothing sweeter than the “ping” of my iPad alerting me to a potential message from my beloved offspring, sadly they only contact me when there’s some sort of crisis, such as this exchange I had with one twin about a visit to the laundry room that went awry:

iMessage on laundryBut he had already overloaded the washer even though he tried to convince me otherwise.

iMessage doing laundry in college

Yes, I gave the boy a tutorial on doing laundry before he left home but apparently he wasn’t listening.

Not long after, that same son caught a bad cold, and was under the misconception that the local pharmacist would dole out topical ointments—free of charge—to help him out. WTF? Have I taught him nothing?

iMessage cold sore

But his cotwin has had a few problems of his own. Although I thought I versed him well on fiscal responsibility, mainly on how to balance a checkbook, apparently he wasn’t listening either! And neither was his cotwin as evident by this group message among the three of us.

iMessage Can you overdraft yourself?

Although these messages prove that even though they are in college, they don’t know it all (even though they are convinced they do) and still require lots of tender guidance. But every once and awhile I get a loving message from one or the other that portends the incredible men that they are slowly becoming.

iMessage Just to talk

And this one from his cotwin, the one who last year would roll his eyes at me every time I tried to offer advice. This one means the most.

iMessage I'm not gonna lie

Yes, my babies are coming home and I can’t wait to see them! So Mama Ting is signing off!

A very Merry Christmas to all and a healthy and peaceful New Year!




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