In Solidarity (Or, Much Ado About Nothing)

Like thousands of others, I read a blog entry about a mom who defended her five-year-old son for wanting to dress as a girl for Halloween. Then this morning I saw her on the Today Show because it seems that there was some negative fallout. Apparently some think it’s not a good idea that boys dress as girls because it may encourage homosexuality.

Oops. I never got that memo. And neither did my son but my guess is he really wouldn’t have cared. That’s him dressed as Hannah Montana. He was in sixth grade then and wore that costume all day at school.

When he announced he wanted to dress as the ‘tween sensation for Halloween, it didn’t faze me in the least. That’s because two years prior when he was in fourth grade he dressed as a girl, tennis ball boobs and all. When he told me his idea that year, I hesitated for a moment and then took him to the thrift store and found him a cute dress. I even did his make up that morning.

A boy dressed as Hannah Montana.

Do I think my son is gay because he gets a kick out of dressing as a girl on Halloween? No. Would it matter if he were? Absolutely not.

In his case, I think he just enjoys the shock value of dressing against the norm. You see he’s the younger, single-born sibling to twins. He’s only two grades younger than his brothers and is very close to them. And frankly, I think he wishes he were one of them. When they were all little, strangers often thought they were triplets. My singleton LOVED that and tried on more than one occasion to convince his brothers that he was indeed part of their special club.

When it comes to family dynamics, singletons often get short shrift. Whether younger or older, twins often capture lots more of the attention from family members and even strangers. A singleton’s gotta do something to grab a bit of the spotlight.

And in my son’s case, it’s to dress as a girl.

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5 thoughts on “In Solidarity (Or, Much Ado About Nothing)

  1. Two Makes Four

    Thanks for this post. I keep wondering what to expect for our family too. I have 2-year-old ID twins with a singleton due in about 6 weeks. I guess I know now to expect some cross-dressing in the future ;) LOL!

    1. Christina Baglivi Tinglof

      Congrats on the singleton due! The good news is he/she will seem like a piece of cake after handling two at once. My single definitely likes to be “the clown,” and will do just about anything for attention. Obviously…

  2. Cheryl

    Oh I think this is a WONDERFUL post…and think your “Hannah Montana” has a more winning smile and sense of mischief than Miley! ;)

    GREAT, honest, and candid post in the face of a LOT of overwrought extremism out there right now.


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