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7 Ways to Get Your Twins to Read More This Summer

We all know that getting our kids to read for pleasure is very important. But it can be a challenge to entice your twins to pick up a book during the lazy days of summer. After all, didn’t they just spend ten months stuck in a classroom? I’m sure you’ve heard the tips before—surround your children […]

Should Your Twins Attend the Same College?

College application season is right around the corner, and if you’re the parent to twins, buckle up for it’s going to be a bumpy ride! Yes, applying to college is stressful but when you have two applying at the same time, it can be a bit unbearable. Whew! Glad that part of our lives is a […]

Summer Reading for Grade-School Twins

Last week I put together a list of books for young readers where the main characters are twins. The reason? We’ve got to get our kids reading over the summer to keep their skills up! Yet it’s not easy especially if you have a reluctant reader. Perhaps if the stories your twins read centered on […]

Summer Reading for Young Twins

Summer is right around the corner and with it comes the dreaded Brain Drain, that rapid release of knowledge from your twins’ intellect. Having your kids read every day is a great way to keep up their skills during the break but it’s not always easy to get them to sit down with a book, […]

A Look Back: Fraternal Twin Girls Discuss Classroom Placement

Awhile back, I interviewed my fraternal twin sons about their relationship and the challenges of growing up twins. It was a popular post, offering parents of young twins just a glimpse of what’s to come. So I thought, why not try it again? This time I interviewed a set of young women, also fraternal twins. […]

Should I Put My Identical Twins Back in Class Together?

Question of the Week: Our six-year-old identical girls are coming to the end of their school year having been split for the first time. They were pretty independent before but we can now see worrying signs that they have become clingy and regressed socially since they have been separated. They are also not doing as […]

College Application Season: Double the Pressure

Way back when my twins were in fourth grade, they tackled their first research papers. Or, should I say we tackled them together. I say we because the fourth-grade teachers had their students do much of the work outside the classroom, and since my boys were clueless to the nuances of researching and writing a […]

When an Identical Twin Doesn’t Want to Share a Classroom

Question of the Week: First, let me say how much I respect your books and your opinion. I am a fraternal twin and a mum of identical twin girls and your book, Parenting School-Age Twins and Multiples, is one of the few twin books which I think really captures the essence and dilemmas of being a twin […]

Twins in School: Navigating the Parent-Teacher Conference

From mid-October through early November, nearly every school in the country hosts parent-teacher conference week. But should you sign up and go even if it means missing a few hours of work or finding a baby-sitter? Absolutely! Not only is the meeting a great opportunity to get a clearer picture of your twins’ academic strengths […]

Reflecting on My Life as a Twin Mom

Last Saturday, my sons’ high school held their annual Mother’s Day Brunch. It was a beautiful event where we welcomed incoming freshman moms and said good-bye to outgoing moms of the senior class. The boys of the school took an active role in the affair as well. The drumline club greeted us with their rhythmic […]