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Twins Are Not Their Brothers’ Keepers

This guest post originally appeared on Multiples & More.  This morning, I received a frantic phone call from one of my fraternal twin sons. “Mom?” he whispered presumably while hiding in the bathroom as he’s not allowed to make cell calls from school. “I forgot my calculator and my math final is in a half […]

My Twins Compete to Be Heard

Question of the Week: My boys, Jack and Riley, are turning nine years old in July. They are simply not able to tell us about a shared experience they have had. For instance, we recently asked them to tell us about their stay at a friend’s farm. They talked over each other, each speaking louder and louder, competing to […]

Have a Question About Twins? Ask a Parent of Multiples

It’s true. If you want to know the real truth about raising multiples, then ask a parent with twins, triplets or quads. I have always known this but recently while trying to figure out what to write for this blog post, I had an “ah-ha” moment: “Why not let the parents speak?” Since starting this blog […]

Identical Twins: 5 Things Parents Need to Know

Identical twins are a phenomenon of nature. Yes, we know how they are formed—one egg fertilized by one sperm and then magically the single egg (or zygote) splits into two—but we still don’t know why it happens. Unlike fraternal twins that tend to run in families, identical twins do not. They’re still a scientific mystery. […]

Fraternal Twin Girls: 5 Things Parents Need to Know

Last week I wrote about some interesting but general characteristics of fraternal twin boys. Didn’t get a chance to read it? I’ll give you a quick recap: They’re boisterous and assertive. As toddlers, they’re often aggressive. And without a doubt, young fraternal twin boys are exhausting! This week, however, I turn the tables and focus on […]

Fraternal Twin Boys: Five Things Parents Need to Know

For years, researchers have studied the six twin subgroups—identical twin boys (MZm), identical twin girls (MZf), fraternal twin girls (DZSSf), fraternal twin boys (DZSSm), and of course, opposite-sex twins, DZOSm and DZOSf—and have come up with a list of general characteristics for each. The following list of five things you should know about your fraternal twin boys […]

Do Twins Learn to Share in the Womb?

This morning, as I listened to my teenage twin sons bicker loudly over who gets to plug his iTouch into the recharging dock first, I was reminded of an assumption we all have about twins—namely, they naturally know how to share. In fact, a few psychologists believe that twins have an inherent predisposition to sharing […]

When Your Twins Have Opposite Personalities

From the moment they were born, my fraternal twin sons have had very different temperaments. “Twin A” came out kicking and screaming. Literally. Minutes after he made his very loud entrance, the doctors whisked him off to the nursery to check his breathing and run some tests. He was fine but now at age 17, […]

Five Reasons Why Your Twins Dislike Each Other

For the most part, my teenage twin sons get along very well. But like all siblings, they have their moments. Big, loud, smack-down moments. It’s never easy to hear them speak rudely to one another, or worse, physically push or punch, but I only intervene when I see there’s an intent to kill. Just kidding […]

Should I Tell My Twins Who is Older?

“Should I tell my twins who was born first?” If you had asked me this question 17 years ago when I was pregnant with my fraternal twin boys, I would have looked at you like you had two heads. Of course you should tell them. And true to my word, we never shied away from […]