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What Having Twins Has Taught Me

They say hindsight is 20/20. This is especially obvious to me, a mom of multiples. As my twins are rapidly approaching their twentieth birthday—almost full-grown men—I look back at their lives with a sense of awe and admiration. But I also reflect on my time as their mother (at times, a bit too critically) and see […]

My Twin Pregnancy Week by Week: The Ultimate Planner for Moms Expecting Twins

When I was pregnant with twins w-a-a-a-a-y back when, few books on the subject existed. But from the handful of books that were available I quickly learned that my twin pregnancy was very different from a singleton pregnancy, and that I needed to take extra special care of myself. For instance, I had to make sure […]

Bottle Feeding Twins: Tips and Tricks

Thank you to guest blogger, Vera C. Teschow, for this month’s post on bottle feeding twins. Vera is an educator and mother of identical twin boys. Read her full bio below. The other day, while in a movie theater public restroom, I overheard some mothers of toddlers discussing their experiences with breastfeeding. “I breastfed Caleigh until she was […]

Have a Question About Twins? Ask a Parent of Multiples

It’s true. If you want to know the real truth about raising multiples, then ask a parent with twins, triplets or quads. I have always known this but recently while trying to figure out what to write for this blog post, I had an “ah-ha” moment: “Why not let the parents speak?” Since starting this blog […]

5 Reasons NOT to Name Your Twins This

Choosing a name for your baby is an exciting task. But when it comes to giving your twins their names, it can get a little complicated. Not only do you and your partner need to agree on not one but two names, but they both need to sound good together. There’s lots of advice out […]

Pregnant With Twins? 7 Questions to Ask Your Doctor.

When I was pregnant with my twins more than 18 years ago, there weren’t many health guidelines specific to a twin pregnancy. I was confused about how much I should eat or whether I should continue exercising, for instance. There were, however, lots of horror stories about preterm labor, premature birth, and low-birth weight babies […]

Third Trimester Tips: Surviving the Final Days of Your Twin Pregnancy

When I was pregnant with twins, it was pretty smooth sailing. No preterm labor or delivery, no gestational diabetes, no preecalmpsia. Yes, I was lucky—both my babies were born healthy requiring no NICU. They came home with me after my brief hospital stay. That’s not to say my pregnancy was a walk in the park. Far […]

Breastfeeding Twins: The Best How-To Videos For Success

This past week I read in the news that more moms are breastfeeding their babies. In fact, according to new research, nearly 77 percent of news moms in 2010 gave breastfeeding a try. That’s great news as we all know the benefits that breast milk offers our babies. Yet the number of moms breastfeeding their […]

Are All Twin Pregnancies High Risk?

Women pregnant with twins have all sorts of questions from “How much weight should I gain?” to “Which prenatal tests should I undergo?” But no question is more complex or confusing than, “Is my twin pregnancy high risk?” I see this question everywhere on Internet pregnancy forums, and frankly, some of the answers that well-meaning […]

More Things You Should Know About Your Twin Pregnancy

A few years ago, I wrote a post called 10 Things You Should Know About Your Twin Pregnancy. Judging by the number of hits it receives daily, I’m guessing a lot of moms-to-be expecting twins are hungry for accurate information about their impending double of joy. With that in mind, I analyzed the latest research […]