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What Having Twins Has Taught Me

They say hindsight is 20/20. This is especially obvious to me, a mom of multiples. As my twins are rapidly approaching their twentieth birthday—almost full-grown men—I look back at their lives with a sense of awe and admiration. But I also reflect on my time as their mother (at times, a bit too critically) and see […]

Should Your Twins Attend the Same College?

College application season is right around the corner, and if you’re the parent to twins, buckle up for it’s going to be a bumpy ride! Yes, applying to college is stressful but when you have two applying at the same time, it can be a bit unbearable. Whew! Glad that part of our lives is a […]

My College-Age Twin: “Can You Overdraft Yourself?”

I can hardly believe that my twins’ first semester in college is nearly over. As you may remember a few months back, I was having a difficult time adjusting to my new life sans my sons (my babies!), but just like the first 18+ years of their lives, these past few months have flown by, […]

My Twins Are Heading to College: Insert Sad Face

In a few days, my twins will be heading off to college. While they are excited and more than ready to fly the coop, I’m barely holding it together. It’s actually a cruel twist of fate—for many years of my twins’ lives, I wished they’d “hurry up and grow up,” thinking that the next stage of their […]

When Twins Learn to Drive: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

My fraternal twin sons recently got their drivers’ licenses. While they are overjoyed at the prospect of hitting the Open Road without Mom or Dad, I’m less than enthusiastic. Living in a major metropolitan city, driving here is downright dangerous and I’m always worried whenever they head out. I know that every parent frets over […]

Teenage Fraternal Twin Girls Discuss the Twin Bond

Last week, I interviewed Kayla and Rebecca, a set of 19-year-old fraternal twins. Their responses to my questions about their early school years were both insightful and inspirational. This week, the questions continue only this time we focus on the evolution of these young women’s relationship and how it has changed over the course of […]

A Look Back: Fraternal Twin Girls Discuss Classroom Placement

Awhile back, I interviewed my fraternal twin sons about their relationship and the challenges of growing up twins. It was a popular post, offering parents of young twins just a glimpse of what’s to come. So I thought, why not try it again? This time I interviewed a set of young women, also fraternal twins. […]

Identical Twins: 5 Things Parents Need to Know

Identical twins are a phenomenon of nature. Yes, we know how they are formed—one egg fertilized by one sperm and then magically the single egg (or zygote) splits into two—but we still don’t know why it happens. Unlike fraternal twins that tend to run in families, identical twins do not. They’re still a scientific mystery. […]

Fraternal Twin Girls: 5 Things Parents Need to Know

Last week I wrote about some interesting but general characteristics of fraternal twin boys. Didn’t get a chance to read it? I’ll give you a quick recap: They’re boisterous and assertive. As toddlers, they’re often aggressive. And without a doubt, young fraternal twin boys are exhausting! This week, however, I turn the tables and focus on […]

Fraternal Twin Boys: Five Things Parents Need to Know

For years, researchers have studied the six twin subgroups—identical twin boys (MZm), identical twin girls (MZf), fraternal twin girls (DZSSf), fraternal twin boys (DZSSm), and of course, opposite-sex twins, DZOSm and DZOSf—and have come up with a list of general characteristics for each. The following list of five things you should know about your fraternal twin boys […]