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The Younger Singleton to Twins: Rough Road Ahead?

A few months ago, while redesigning the look of this blog, I searched for a photo of my twins to place in the header. But shortly before uploading a snapshot of my fraternal twin boys beaming at the camera, I realized that something was missing. My third and youngest son. The singleton. The non twin. […]

Have Your Twins Ever Spent a Night Apart?

I called one of my twins from work the other day. “Are you lonely?” I asked. On the last day of his spring break and with his cotwin gone with a buddy for the day, I worried that he might be feeling left out. “Lonely?” he laughed. “I’m here with my three best friends: Pandora, XBox, and iTouch. No waiting for […]

8 Tips to Parenting Older Sibling to Twins

The other day while teaching a religious education class at my local parish, a mom of one of my students came into the classroom with her two young twins in tow. I turned to my student and bubbled, “Wow! You didn’t tell me you had twin siblings!” The look of exasperation on my student’s face spoke volumes and […]

In Solidarity (Or, Much Ado About Nothing)

Like thousands of others, I read a blog entry about a mom who defended her five-year-old son for wanting to dress as a girl for Halloween. Then this morning I saw her on the Today Show because it seems that there was some negative fallout. Apparently some think it’s not a good idea that boys dress as girls […]