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Mothers’ Day Do-Over

Good news! This Sunday, May 21, is the official Mothers’ Day do-over. For those of you who flunked out on last Sunday’s event either from being too busy or just too lazy, you’re in luck! You are getting a second chance. This is your opportunity to raise your GPA, or your Good Person Account, which will […]

What Having Twins Has Taught Me

They say hindsight is 20/20. This is especially obvious to me, a mom of multiples. As my twins are rapidly approaching their twentieth birthday—almost full-grown men—I look back at their lives with a sense of awe and admiration. But I also reflect on my time as their mother (at times, a bit too critically) and see […]

What I Really Want to Ask My Single-Born Son

“What’s it like to be the brother to a set of twins?” As much as I’d love to ask this question to my single-born son, I won’t. Although I want to understand my son’s experience as the younger, sibling to twins, I can’t ask. To me, it would sound a bit like the old joke: “Well, that’s enough of my talking […]

Should You Reward Kids For Honesty?

All this week at the school where I work as a librarian, we’ve been holding our annual book fair. The kids were especially excited on Tuesday as it was the national release of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck, the eighth book of the wildly popular satirical graphic novel series by Jeff Kinney. We […]

What I Want My Boys to Know About Girls

As the mother to three teenage boys, I sometimes feel outnumbered in my house. It’s a constant battle, for instance, to get them to put the toilet seat down but we’re getting there. No one will ever watch Downton Abbey with me either; they’d rather have me watch Breaking Bad with them. (No thank you.) And […]